Devious, truculent and unreliable...

Sun 12 Jan 2014, 07:03 PM by Jay Kastner
Well, I’ve been dreading this post. Apologies in advance for the length…

Friday evening, my little buddy Moz lost his final battle. He was somewhere between 21 and 22 years old (104 in human years). We never knew the exact age, because he was abandoned as a kitten. An ex-girlfriend and I found him emaciated, wet, cold, flea-ridden and dumped into a pen full of dogs. Ironically, he picked up some dog-like traits during that time, which made him that much more adorable (e.g. even fetching paper balls). But he remained a small cat, with a disproportionately large tail that he even wagged like a dog.

Over the years Moz had many near-death experiences --including a dog larger than myself grabbing him by the mouth and running off, several feral cats, eating a lizard which led to a serious breathing issue, and a jump off a 2nd story balcony down to concrete.

Everyone that met Moz liked him and that includes people that didn’t normally like cats. He followed people around like a dog. He loved chasing just about anything on a string. And catnip –oh did he like catnip. We could even burn it and he’d practically climb the walls like it was crystal meth. More than a few of you here on Facebook saw this firsthand. : ) And while he never liked being picked up (except for me), he would sit on anyone’s lap as soon as they took a seat.

Moz had been the singular constant in my life since university days. We moved a lot. Girlfriends came and went. He helped me recover from many broken bones and a motorcycle accident. The years passed. One of my fondest memories is packing a U-Haul with everything I owned and driving from Cincinnati to Orlando. It was just me and Moz in the front seat for nearly two days, with not a peep or problem from him --just one more adventure.

I cannot convey how difficult this has been for me. I’m truly heartbroken. The last six months had been very rough with so many visits to the vet, yet he always recovered --like Mr. Bojangles from The Green Mile (thanks Roy) or a little Dorian gray.

So “goodbye” Moz, I won’t be the same without you.