The maker of heavenly trousers

Sat 31 Oct 2009, 11:43 PM by Jay Kastner
So let's get this straight right from the beginning: I did not vote for Obama (or McCain). But there's an e-mail campaign going on right now titled "Obama's First Eight Months' Accomplishments" (go find it yourself). And it's so bad, it pissed me off. Looking around the interwebs, I couldn't find anything similar for Dubya, so I spent the time to make one. Here it is. Hopefully it will be as popular as my ”Fashion Advice For Women Part I”, at least according to The Google...


  • Saved the world from Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore.
  • Was the first and only president in U.S. history to enter office with a criminal record.
  • Had an inaugural that was attended by 40,000 people and had his limo egged (Note: Obama's inaugural was attended by roughly 1,800,000).
  • Lost a high tech spy plane to China, and had it returned in pieces (
  • Established a 'faith based' give-away for religious groups to push abstinence (which, statistically, did not work).
  • Held some town hall meetings to push a $1.35 trillion tax cut --one of the largest cuts in U.S. history (note: the U.S. national debt at the time was approaching $6 trillion, and this cut was opposed by his Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill).
  • Stood by while national unemployment rose by approximately 2 percent (see also: median household income drop, poverty rate increase, lower GDP, etc).
  • Pushed the No Child Left Behind Act while significantly under-funding it.
  • Opposed the Kyoto Protocol --signed and ratified by 184 other nations.
  • Ignored presidential briefings such as 'Bin Laden determined to strike in US' (August 6, 2001).
  • Read 'The Pet Goat' to Booker elementary school students (September 11, 2001).
  • Signed executive order authorizing the 'President's Surveillance Program', then co-masterminded the 'USA Patriot Act' which allowed Hoover- and Nixon-esque spying on U.S. citizens (amongst other things).
  • Announced a global War of Terrorism --starting with Afghanistan-- but didn't send enough troops, supplies, etc. Then allowed Bin Laden to escape to Pakistan (well, it's really just a work in progress, right?).
  • Held A LOT of closed-door energy policy meetings, attended only by energy industry executives (AKA 'my friends from Texas').
  • Took a month-long vacation in August, spending most of it clearing brush at his ranch.
Sat 24 Oct 2009, 07:28 PM by Jay Kastner
So it's been a while since I've posted. Walking pneumonia will do that. Particularly since the first two rounds of antibiotics didn't work. So that should about explain it, right? And now for some content. One of my conservative friends recently sent a pic that comments on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. Here's my response.

Update 2009-11-25: it looks like a lot of people have been sending links to these pics, and I know of at least one site that embedded the original pic in their site (eating up my bandwidth). So I swapped it out with the "response" version. If you really want to see the original, it's now here.