I want to be Speed Racer. All I need is a child and his chimp in the trunk, and I'm ready to rock

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"Imagine, the task force guy says, telling a passenger on arrival that a dildo kept her baggage on the East Coast. Sometimes it's even a man. It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. Use the indefinite article. A dildo. Never your dildo. Never, ever say the dildo accidentally turned itself on. A dildo activated itself and created an emergency situation that required evacuating your baggage."
-Fight Club (the book), Chuck Palahniuk
Sun 29 Jun 2008, 05:12 PM by Jay Kastner

Photo credit (original): rbytes.net
Concept credit (original): fark.com wikipedia entry

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Looks to be about 1985? Yeah, I had outfits like that. But I never liked them. Never, ever.


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Jack’s current car gets 10 mpg. He’s trading it in for a car that gets 20 mpg. Delta between old and new mpg: 10 mpg.

Jill’s current car gets 30 mpg. She’s trading it in for a hybrid that gets 45 mpg. Delta between old and new mpg: 15 mpg.

So which scenario is better from an environmental perspective? It’s actually Jack’s. The problem here is that measuring in miles per gallon can be deceptive. Instead, use gallons per mile. Let’s use a few examples:

All four cars get 100 gallons of gas. Jack’s old car will go 1000 miles. His new car will go 2000 miles. That’s a 100 percent increase. Jill’s old car will go 3000 miles. Her new car will go 4500 miles. That’s just a 50 percent increase.

All four cars have to travel 100 miles. How much gas will that require? Jack’s old car requires 10 gallons. His new car requires 5 gallons. That’s a 5 gallon improvement. Jill’s old car requires 3.33 gallons. Her new car requires 2.22 gallons. That’s just a 1.11 gallon improvement.

So it really is more important to swap out those Hummer H2s for Ford Explorers, than it is to swap out those Toyota Camrys for hybrid versions.

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...and just go vegetarian now. Think about it --this will only get worse:


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Credits: Michael Ramirez, for Investor's Business Daily

If the linked copy goes missing, here's a local copy.

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1. Scion tC hybrid
2. MINI Cooper hybrid
3. MINI Cooper diesel (only available in Europe)
4. Acura TSX diesel (only available in Europe)
5. Volkswagen Rabbit hybrid
6. Volkswagen Rabbit TDI (diesel, coming to the US soon)
7. Toyota Prius electric (yes, they are available as a 10,000 USD after-market upgrade, but I want a factory warranty)
8. Audi A3 hybrid
9. Audi A3 TDIe (diesel, only available in Europe)
10. Honda Fit electric
11. Mazda 3 5-Door hybrid
12. Smart Car electric
13. ???
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What's up with this Pier 1 add? And why was I reading a Pier 1 catalog to begin with?
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"Many Christians are meat-eaters and drink, no doubt; but neither meat-eating nor drinking is enjoined by Scripture. Do please read the Bible."
-Gandhi, An Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth