Devious, truculent and unreliable...

Tue 25 Dec 2007, 01:32 AM by Jay Kastner

Tue 18 Dec 2007, 01:50 PM by Jay Kastner
My high school business teacher always used the term "the bonus" to describe situations where bad things happen. For example, you go on vacation and you get "the bonus" of having your house robbed. Or go shopping, and have your credit card stolen. Or park somewhere and have your door dinged.

This morning, I got a real nice "bonus": a cop in an unmarked SUV had followed me for most of my trip into work. Yeah. So he had a long list of violations, including speeding (86 in a 65), lane change without signal, following too close and no seat belt.

What makes this even more awesome is the fact that there were so few cars on the road this morning. Sure, I was speeding. And I never wear my seat belt. But the rest? I always favor a complete physical check versus mirror. And while I didn't let one guy merge because he tried to do a double lane change, there really wasn't anyone else around for me to tailgate.

Luckily (I guess), the cop was in an awesome holiday mood and let me off with the speeding and seat belt tickets. Great, that's only 300 plus dollars, if I opt out of the driving class.

So much for those motorcycle pants that I wanted. And Moz (my cat) will have to cut back on the catnip.

Mon 10 Dec 2007, 01:35 PM by Jay Kastner