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Tue 27 Mar 2007, 11:31 PM by Jay Kastner
"Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage…particularly marriage between two passionate females":
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For several months now, I've been trying to find the source of a truck parked in the front row of my office building each day. This truck has a Bush sticker on it.

Turns out it's owned by one of the security guards (duh, front row every single day). Anyway, I just wanted to see who this person was and what I could tell about them (attire, personality, etc.). Everything makes sense now (duh, security guard) and I can resume other OCD'ish activities (like making fun of Em).

Except there's a question I'm left to wrangle with. This security guard is a contractor. So if I complained, they might make him remove the sticker or move him to another building. Nah. Free speech is a good thing. And thus the question...would he treat me the same way?

I doubt it. Based on quite a few personal experiences. Sad really. Your thoughts?

Sun 11 Mar 2007, 16:40 by Jay Kastner
Wikipedia entry:
"In August of 2005 when 14 Marines from Lima Company, based in Columbus, Ohio died in a roadside bomb blast in Iraq, Paul Schroeder (whose son was one of the 14 killed) says, 'All of a sudden you had lifelong Republicans, Bush supporters, starting to question things. It was the tipping point when people started to go the other way. America woke up.'"

Home page:
"Our Goal: An Orderly Withdrawal of American Troops to begin Within Six Months."

Sun 11 Mar 2007, 16:25 by Jay Kastner
Sun 11 Mar 2007, 14:47 by Jay Kastner
-Former chief of staff to vice president Dick Cheney.
-Former assistant to President George W. Bush.
-Highest-ranking White House official convicted since the Iran-Contra affair.

The headlines at ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN:

The headline at FOX:

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Since adding the "Emily mood threat level" feature to this site (see left side), web traffic has increased 308 percent. I think it's really helping people...
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I've decided that life is simply not worth living without an online alias. Something I can use for the various chat rooms, news groups, e-dating, spam mailings and haxoring...that I don't actually do. So let's start with the criteria. It has to be techie (so I keep my rep), a bit sexy (for the grrrls) and fresh (so Paris continues to take my calls). It also needs to be a lot less homoerotic than Faisal's alias ("HedHuntr") and less boring than Paul's ("thelimester"). Comments are disabled for this post, so you must use the voting web poll on my gallery sub-site:
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I thought intramural softball was supposed to be relatively tame. Wrong.
Sat 3 Mar 2007, 02:26 PM by Jay Kastner