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Wed 28 Feb 2007, 01:26 PM by Jay Kastner
This site needs volunteers and would have made a great hobby for my brother Chris --except that he hates America and Jesus. Chris, why do you want the terrorists to win?

Check out the site welcome, "global warming" and "homosexuality" for some great reading...

Mon 26 Feb 2007, 23:28 by Jay Kastner
Mon 26 Feb 2007, 23:27 by Jay Kastner
The Psychedelic Furs: "Book of Days"
Elastica: "Gloria"
Fri 23 Feb 2007, 11:38 AM by Jay Kastner
But please behave. No haxor stuff on my family oriented interweb-site-thingy.
Fri 23 Feb 2007, 11:35 AM by Jay Kastner
Because he tends to get lost while driving. Which is far better than Justin's maniacal driving or Chris' "ignore all stop signs and stop lights" driving:
Thu 22 Feb 2007, 01:35 PM by Jay Kastner
I've registered kastnerfamily.net to use the standard (free) version. More on that later...

"Already, some big companies are using Google apps, including GE and Procter & Gamble"

Wed 21 Feb 2007, 12:31 by Jay Kastner
Mon 19 Feb 2007, 22:50 by Jay Kastner
I went to this web site, and like, totally did not get hooked-up.

Mon 19 Feb 2007, 01:12 PM by Jay Kastner
OK, part two. Are you happy now Em?

So Sunday afternoon I ordered a new desktop computer from Dell. The specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual-core processor
1 GB DDR2 memory
160 GB SATA hard drive
Geforce 6150 LE
No monitor (I have plenty)
USB keyboard and mouse
Windows Vista Home Basic
1 yr on-site warranty
Free shipping

Price: $399 + $25 tax - $15 paypal promo = $410 to my door. And Dell had it there by 10:30 AM Wednesday. Yes, that's less than three days between order and delivery. The build quality is good, it's quiet, and I actually like the case design. So...Dell did an outstanding job.

One of the first things I noticed taking it out of the box was this would be my first 100% legacy free computer. No serial ports. No parallel port. USB keyboard and mouse connections. That's mostly good, but does create an issue when you have a lot of computers and use a non-USB KVM switch.

I played around with Vista Home Basic for a while. It was disappointing. That particular version is almost the same as Windows XP, with the addition of widgets. Strangely, I experienced my first OS lock-up under Vista after clicking on a Microsoft produced widget that was integrated with their map service. The resulting web site had a script that completely consumed my CPU...power off...cold boot.

I promptly wiped the drive and installed Windows Vista Ultimate RC2. The process was fast and easy.

With any version of Vista above Home Basic, you get Aero. That's the nifty 3-D organization and transparent window feature. It's nice but many people will have to buy a new video card to use it.

In summary, my opinion of Vista so far is not particularly good. I do like the desktop widgets, but that functionality was mostly available under XP.

If you have the money to get a new computer, get Vista on it. But I wouldn't just run out and buy it otherwise...

Sun 18 Feb 2007, 23:42 by Jay Kastner
Royksopp: "Sombre Detune"
Sinead O'Connor: "Jerusalem"
Sun 18 Feb 2007, 15:09 by Jay Kastner
Hope it's a great one. From Jay and Moz.
Fri 16 Feb 2007, 01:11 PM by Jay Kastner
So this is my first proper post in about two weeks. Sorries to those with some sort of Internet- (and/or Jay-) addiction. And since this will be nerdy computer talk, Emily will probably be happy while Jim (K) will likely berate me (and where is YOUR blog Jim?).

Anyway, part 1 is just to explain that as someone working in IT, I am faced with the mixed blessing of needing to update personal hardware and software on a more frequent basis. It's a mixed blessing because on the one hand, I get to play with new toys more often and on the other, I have to pay for those new toys.

As you may know, Microsoft released Windows Vista recently. So last weekend I decided that money would have to be allocated so I could stay ahead of the curve. Allocated is the right word here, because I have had A LOT of expenses of late: school, car, house, various electronic devices failing, Moz's catnip addiction, etc.

Sunday afternoon I ordered a new desktop computer. A Dell. And here's where I stop for part 2...

Sun 11 Feb 2007, 22:13 by Jay Kastner
7 Seconds: "We're Gonna Fight"
Lisa Germano: "Happiness"
Depeche Mode: "In Your Room (zephyr mix)"
Thu 8 Feb 2007, 23:53 by Jay Kastner
Tue 6 Feb 2007, 06:02 PM by Jay Kastner
If you're ever in a class where a concept is demonstrated by having everyone estimate the number of pieces in a 14 ounce bag of M&M's, feel free to utilize Google to, um, look really smart. Particularly when your answer includes "+/-3". : )
Mon 5 Feb 2007, 03:16 PM by Jay Kastner
Music is either important to a person, or not. They're either into the same stuff you are, or not. They either have a perceived level of taste, or not. This matters. And it can't be faked.
Sun 4 Feb 2007, 07:32 PM by Jay Kastner
1. Oprah and David Letterman in love
2. Garmin Godzilla spoof
3. Bud Light face slap
4. Robert Goulet Emerald nuts
5. Fedex Ground: Harry, Joy, Ilene and Bob
Thu 1 Feb 2007, 10:00 by Jay Kastner
You may have heard/read something that mentions "widgets" of late. Well, you need to know about widgets for Windows Vista. Read. Learn. Get ahead. This has been a PSA of Jay's Blogging Network...