He thinks he got the whole world in his hands, stood at the urinal...

Sat 29 Jul 2006, 01:30 PM by Jay Kastner
I'm flying right now --somewhere near Quebec. Lufthansa was handing out some promotional cards for in flight inner-nets access. They seem to have a pretty fast inner-nets. Anyway, I should be home later tonight. Ah...home. Looking forward to seeing everyone. And my cat! Yay Moz!
Thu 27 Jul 2006, 04:13 AM by Jay Kastner
In Germany, McDonalds apple pies are still deep fried --not baked. Not as healthy, but delicious. Here's a pic:
Wed 26 Jul 2006, 08:02 AM by Jay Kastner
Here's another pic to tide you over until I get back and can upload all of them:
Tue 25 Jul 2006, 05:24 PM by Jay Kastner
Just got back from the "Siemens Sports Heim". This is a big complex Siemens owns, and all employees can go there and hit the biergarten (as I did) and/or exercise. This means I had the traditional kasespaetzle (Sara, just Google it already) and some hefeweizen. Obviously, a bunch of people from work were there. The most important one being Felicia. Do you know Felicia? Well you should.
Sun 23 Jul 2006, 06:29 PM by Jay Kastner
1. Understand that you're not alone. Plenty of people feel the same way.
2. Understand that it's natural. I can't be everywhere all the time.
3. Try to distract yourself. Suggestions include: world peace, quantum physics and/or organized religion.
4. If number three doesn't help, embrace the feeling of loss by doing something I like to do. Examples include skateboarding, Panera, playing with Moz or working past midnight.
5. Use heavy doses of your favorite drug or drink. It will dull the pain.
6. Pray.
7. Try calling or IMing me. Even though I will probably ignore you, any response will provide some comfort.
8. Money: I like it. Give me some and I'll spend more time with you.
9. Watch videos or view pictures of me. Not the same as being there in person...but better than nothing.
10. Find someone that looks a lot like me. Follow them. Call them "Jay". Hide behind bushes if you need to.
Sun 23 Jul 2006, 06:23 PM by Jay Kastner
No pics until tomorrow. Sorry. It was a great side trip. Highlights include the Vatican, the Coliseum and the Pantheon. Oh, and my new Zidane jersey. And tea with marijuana extract (in Zurich). I'm so tired...
Sun 23 Jul 2006, 03:57 PM by Jay Kastner
Can you tell I planned ahead for this? However, if I was home right now, my pick would include "My Many Smells" by The Dead Milkmen. Not so much for me. Some of you know what I mean. Anyway...
Sleeper: "She's A Good Girl"
Naked Raygun: "Roller Queen"
Fri 21 Jul 2006, 08:09 AM by Jay Kastner
Yup, found some decent ticket prices (thanks Yvette), so we're heading to Rome tonight. I'll basically have one full day to take in everything (with jet-lag mind you), but it will be worth it. I bet Erin, Em and Sara will be super jealous now.

If I make it to the Vatican, I will request a special blessing for my brother (Chris), which will totally counter-act his prayer circles.

I miss my cat. : )

Fri 21 Jul 2006, 03:51 AM by Jay Kastner
This is a vending machine within Siemens. Scroll down:
Thu 20 Jul 2006, 05:40 AM by Jay Kastner
Thu 20 Jul 2006, 04:22 AM by Jay Kastner
Strawberry Newtons are like way-more-awesome than Fig Newtons. Case closed. Discussion ended. No response posts allowed.
Wed 19 Jul 2006, 05:07 PM by Jay Kastner
Is in full effect. I couldn't sleep on the planes. Also, very limited Internet access. So pics will wait until tomorrow. But it's been fun hanging out with Frank, Yvette, Jinelle, Jimelle, Vanette and Nancy. : ) Respond to this post if you want me to bring back anything for you (i.e. food stuff). Also, Justin should note that they still sell Vanilla Coke here.
Tue 18 Jul 2006, 12:39 PM by Jay Kastner
I will be in Germany 2006-07-18 through 2006-07-29. Expect frequent pics...
Sun 16 Jul 2006, 01:51 AM by Jay Kastner
The Crystal Method: "American Way"
The Jesus and Mary Chain: "Teenage Lust"
Wed 12 Jul 2006, 11:42 PM by Jay Kastner
I've been to Kew Gardens. Have you? Strange video...
Tue 11 Jul 2006, 12:06 AM by Jay Kastner
If you're on a Windows-based machine, and are not blocked on port 21 (telnet), do the following:
1. Start \ Run
2. "cmd" (no quotes)
3. Hit the Enter key
4. In the resulting command window, type "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" (no quotes)
5. Hit the Enter key
6. Enjoy the flix, and being a geek!
Mon 10 Jul 2006, 09:27 PM by Jay Kastner
"A year after a lynch mob went after Carleton Fiorina, it appears that her decisions laid the groundwork for profits at Hewlett-Packard."
Mon 10 Jul 2006, 09:12 PM by Jay Kastner
Wristbands! Wristbands! How fucking cool is that?
Sun 9 Jul 2006, 08:11 PM by Jay Kastner
Wow. What a coincidence.

Ministry: "Stigmata" and "Psalm 69"

Sun 9 Jul 2006, 01:51 PM by Jay Kastner

Good show. Very loud (my ears are still ringing). I drank too much. Decent mosh pit towards the end of the show, which I was in (got a cut on my arm from this). Thanks Cristie for the ticket!

Pics | Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Fri 7 Jul 2006, 01:20 PM by Jay Kastner
Fri 7 Jul 2006, 12:17 AM by Jay Kastner
Mostly American cars. My vote? The Pontiac Aztek (by far):
Thu 6 Jul 2006, 12:36 AM by Jay Kastner
Wed 5 Jul 2006, 01:24 PM by Jay Kastner
"...dog, leash, sneakers (the cute ones), cell phone, saline solution, favorite painting by my grandfather, and a few CDs"
Tue 4 Jul 2006, 06:35 PM by Jay Kastner
"We're a nation of Peter Pans who won't grow up.
And there's nothing with wrong with that, author Christopher Noxon says.
The Los Angeles writer, 37, has a term to describe what he calls 'a new breed of adult, identified by a determination to remain playful, energetic and flexible in the face of adult responsibilities.' Say hello to the 'rejuvenile.' "
Tue 4 Jul 2006, 05:55 PM by Jay Kastner
Tue 4 Jul 2006, 04:09 PM by Jay Kastner
Taken from my balcony with a cell phone. The video is better (open it in QuickTime). But the best stuff, videos two and three, corrupted. : (
Video | Pics
Sun 2 Jul 2006, 06:39 PM by Jay Kastner
This song was released in 1981. Yes, 1981. It still rocks...so crank up the volume.
Siouxsie & The Banshees: "Monitor"
Sat 1 Jul 2006, 10:19 AM by Jay Kastner
For the second week in a row, I have been up and out of my house before 10:00 AM. No alarms. This is shocking news, as I'm rarely up before 11:30 AM. Of course this means Panera is getting even more of my business. Mmm...Cinnamon Crunch bagels.
Sat 1 Jul 2006, 08:57 AM by Jay Kastner