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How To Celebrate World Jay Day

Wed 26 Sep 2007, 12:20 AM

Although WJD is not sanctioned by the United Nations or a government body (to my knowledge), there is a strong Coalition of the Willing that understands the need for such blind devotion. Remember, you’re either for WJD or against WJD –there’s no middle ground. Here are some suggestions that will help you to fully celebrate this great day:

1. Post this picture on your web site or blog:

2. Pause for a moment of silence.
3. Reflect on the contributions Jay has made to our world, and how boring it would be without him.
4. Wear a badge and/or place a bumper sticker to show you are a proud WJD supporter.
5. Pray for a long life and continued good health for Jay.
6. Review this post
7. Take Jay to lunch. Or dinner. Or bring him a Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagel for breakfast.
8. Call me. OK, maybe not.
9. Make a contribution to Hillary 2008.
10. Tell ten people about this web site.

What's been said:

Erin (09/26/2007 12:48 PM) n/a

Happy Birthday! Feeling any more aches and pains when you woke up today?

Dave B (09/26/2007 04:04 PM) n/a

Happy B'Day... old man

Dave B (09/26/2007 04:05 PM) n/a

Happy B'Day... old man

Jim (09/27/2007 03:45 PM) n/a

damn, I missed WJD.... I think I'll just go cry. NOT!

brian (09/27/2007 05:10 PM) n/a

Wow! What a day celebrating WJD yesterday. I'm having a hard time convincing my work to count it as a paid holiday though. Can you help? Happy Birthday.

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