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It's Not That I'm Lazy

Mon 29 May 2006, 01:12 AM

It's that I've been too busy! Sorry for the lack of updates.

And what a week. I had a project, originally scheduled over a three week period, get compressed into three days. Sort of. This was for our deployment of NetTracker, which will be used throughout Siemens PG. The engineer they sent to work with us was pretty cool. When he's not traveling, he plays guitar. And I guess it's frequently with some well known artists. Emily should be happy to know that one of them was Britney Spears' keyboardist. Whatever.

On Wednesday, the big news was Erin turning in her two week notice. Yes, she's finally leaving the-evil-that-is-Siemens, to go work at EDS. She's kicking my ass in the dinero department now. Which is fine --we'll make her buy everyone's drinks. Must...leave...Siemens...soon.

I saw "X-Men: The Last Stand". Very good. If you decide to see it too, be sure to stay until after the credits. Hint.

I knew it!

Today I went to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. Very cool. As impressive as the huge "master" paintings are (see: Hallucinogenic Toreador at 4 x 3 meters), my preference is for the small canvases, where he clearly painted with a magnifying glass. The level of detail was stunning. You also can't go wrong with airborne cats. Here's a photo I snuck of the painting that changes from collage to Abraham Lincoln depending on how close you're standing.

Here's a turtle that's decided to nest outside of my office area: 1 | 2

Last weekend I commented to Cristie that I was noticing gray hair around my temple areas. What's up with that? Anyway, she seemed to agree it was becoming more noticeable. So I've been preoccupied with related thoughts ever since. What to do. Maybe I should shave it all off? Dye it? Remember, I've got to be able to hookup with UCF freshmen come August. :)

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Erin (05/30/2006 09:06 PM) n/a

I will buy a round. Just let me know when! :-)

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