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My Brother Chris

Mon 22 May 2006, 11:17 PM

...sent me this pic today. Why did I post it here? Because it's more proof that people from Texass are crazy. As if our president wasn't enough. Anyway, some additional info about Chris:
- He's looking for a soulmate.
- He enjoys long walks on the beach, hand puppets and ballroom dancing.
- He does graphic design to pay the bills, but deep down he's a supa-star artist.
- He's a luva, not a fighta.
- He frequents Star Wars conventions, but doesn't "get crazy" and dress up.
- He attends church three times a week.
- He loves squirrels, but not raccoons.
- You may want lots of children, but he wants more.
- He's not afraid of computers...they're afraid of him.
- Your not the boss of him.
- He likes Coldplay, and he's not gay (evidently that's possible).
- If you talk smack about Bob Ross, he will kick your ass.
- He's a winner, except when it comes to golf.
- He agrees that Vanilla Coke is fuckin' 'ell.
- He knows more about movies that haven't been released yet than you do about your favorite movie.
- You can contact Chris at c132kast(at)yahoo.com

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