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How I Spent Tuesday Evening

Sun 21 May 2006, 04:01 PM

Or maybe that should read "Tuesday night". Anyway, a group of us from work plays tennis each week at that time. On this particular occasion, one person (Yvette) had decided to donate blood the morning before. Now you are supposed to avoid physical activity for 24 hours afterwards (which she was advised of). But she felt fine, wanted to play, and did so --for about 30 minutes. Then she stopped. And almost fainted. And then almost fainted again. And then finally did faint, right next to a grill (the permanent kind like you find at a park). Unfortunately we were not close enough to do anything, and her chin and arm hit the grill pretty hard. There was blood. Between the grill hit, plus how she hit the ground, we thought her arm might be broken. It certainly looked like she would need stitches for the chin cut. But it gets better. As I scrambled around for bandages, food (to get her blood sugar back up), etc., she fainted again and had a convulsion. This pretty much freaked us out, so we got her into a car and drove to a nearby urgent care facility. Wrong. They told us anyone that has passed out must go to the ER. Grr. Luckily there's one about ten minutes away. So we got there, checked her in, and waited. And waited. And waited. I had called Erin (she lives ~5 minutes away from the hospital) and we didn't end up leaving until 1:00 AM. Another person from the group left at 3:00 AM. Yvette wasn't finished until 6:00 AM (she was fine, no broken arm, no stitches). In order to pass the time, I decided to give nicknames to some of the "characters" we saw in the ER. There was "Meth girl" who looked fine other than needing a hit (sorry, no pic). There was "Irate grandma" who nearly had security called on her --because she "had rights" as the grandma to get past security and see her grandchild. There was "Butt-crack guy" who had a kidney stone, which made him alternate between standing and sitting every-other-minute. And since he had baggy jeans and no t-shirt...yeah. Plenty more to mention, but I will instead leaving you with a short video I created with Adobe ImageReady. Btw, is this my longest blog post ever???

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