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Customizing Your Car: The Wrong Way

Sat 20 May 2006, 06:02 PM


1. OK. I understand you're proud to be from country X (I think Brazil). Times two...now that's hardcore. And you kept it nice and symmetrical --I bet a ruler was involved!
2. "Bronx bomber" on a Camry? Camrys say 'I don't want any trouble' to me. Doesn't "Bronx bomber" belong on a truck, about two font sizes smaller?
3. The gold license plate frame --a real touch of class. But I'm confused now! Bronx bomber street cred...uptown dollaz...Bronx bomber street cred...uptown dollaz. The room's spinning. I need to lay down now.
4. Wow, after-market tail lights. I bet that was expensive...but so necessary (and so worth it).
5. I believe there was lettering on the back window too. No idea what it said, but it must have been very important.
6. Wheels: I'm not saying anything more.

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