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How To Spend $30 On Three Magazines

Mon 8 May 2006, 11:20 PM

1. Walk into Barnes And Noble...
2. pick up the neat-o, 3-D 1000th issue of ROLLING STONE ($5.95).
3. See latest issue of UNCUT with Morrissey on the cover. Decide the pictures plus bonus CD make it worth $8.95.
4. Notice MOJO Classic with The Smiths on the cover. See $12.50 price. Stare at $12.50 price. Tell everyone around you that the music and magazine industries are going to make you bankrupt.
5. Think: well, I could be like Em and buy Broccoli Spears crap or Faisal buying Nsync crap.
6. Proceed to cash register.
$5.95 + $8.95 + $12.50 + $1.78 (tax) = 29.18

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